questions  +  answers

Q:  Can I buy just the digital images?

A:  My mission is to provide clients with heirloom quality prints for families to cherish year after year.  Heirloom quality prints are the result of many factors, such as using premium camera equipment, calibrating to the printing source, and working closely with a professional printing company to ensure that each image is printed perfectly.  Taking all aspects of custom photography into consideration, I have carefully calculated each session fee and print fee. Digital images are not sold separately.

Q:  Where is the best place to print?

A:  With me! I provide heirloom quality prints by working closely with a professional printing company to ensure that each image is printed perfectly. 

Q:  How do I know what size prints I want?

A:   I will help you. During our post-consultation, we will discuss what size prints best suits your needs. I will use an application so that you can view different arrangements (single or collage) of your heirloom images in your home.

Q:  What happens if it is rainy? Cloudy? Or someone is sick?

A:   While it may seem like it rains often in Rochester, I rarely need to reschedule due to the weather.  A cloudy day is perfect for photography.  The sky acts as one big diffuser.  If someone is feeling sick, it's best to reschedule.  

Q:  What should I wear for my session?

A:  I will assist you every step of the way with clothing suggestions.  I provide tips of what to wear and what not to wear.  I will email you inspiration boards with different clothing for you to see.  Many clients snap pictures of the clothing they are considering, and we text back and forth until the perfect clothing is selected.